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Our Team in Stellar

Updated: May 5, 2022

Stellar meaning shooting star 💫 It represents every one of us who is unique and perfect in the way we are.

Meeting Phineas,

Phineas , our energetic ball of spirit and occasionally sunshine! From an accounting background, she is pretty tired of playing with numbers. As of now, she tries to immerse herself in an industry that she truly loves. Besides that, accountants are known to be quite the coffee drinkers. Therefore, she is willing to learn about coffee before bathing in it for the rest of her life. She brews a pretty mean iced black and will be enthusiastic if you have any questions about our coffee!

Meeting Constance & Jean,

Both Cons (left) and Jean (right) have been our resident baristas for the longest time.

Cons has got the kindest smile you will ever see, she’s has a very forgiving soul which means she enjoy loving to help out others and never have any serious feuds with people.

Jeans on the other hand is our outgoing, thoughtful, and very considerate. She is always optimistic about everything.

They are both currently pursuing their degree but on their free time, they dedicated it to their coffee learning journey. Despite being new in the industry, they are always enthusiastic to learn more about a good cuppa.

We come from various backgrounds, living in different lifestyle, multi‑racial skin tones and noble souls but what unites us all is the passion we have for coffee.

We strive to provide good quality coffee and warm customer service, always enjoy to have conversations & interactions with customers. We love sharing and motivating each other as a team. Different in most parts but one at heart.

Let's shine bright like Stellar ✨

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